Earth Oracle "Gaia"
This oracle is used to communicate with your spirit guides. Spirit guides will give advice and present the options you have in different life situations. However, the final decision is always yours. You will only be able to do Gaia reading once for each topic. This will help your spirit guides to know that you are serious about your reading.
How to use Gaia:
 Sit in relaxed position and without disturbance around you. Clear your mind and try not to think of anything. Slowly take deep breaths for 7 times. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then ask your spirit guides of the source energy to be with you at this time and ask them to help you to do the Gaia reading. Set your intent to do a serious reading about a topic you have chosen. Then select the topic from the pulldown below, enter your name and press "Get Gaia Reading".
Select your topic: